Concept Design Productions

Set the Stage

We design, rent & fabricate stage sets, exhibits and branded environments for corporate events/meetings/shows/exhibits.

We serve corporations, show & meeting producers, Technical/AV production companies, non-profits, charities, public relations, advertising, destination management, travel incentive, commercial production & entertainment industry (film & TV) production companies.

Stage Sets

We are experts in designing stunning stage sets for any occasion.

A-La-Carte Shows

If you want or need service support, additional fees will apply for the following as selected.

Custom Show Designs

Forget about getting inspired. We'll do it for you! We are experts in designing perfect shows.


Our experts are there to answer all your stage set related questions. Call us for free consultation!

Road to Show

The best way to get from point A to point B is having a plan, having a map, and knowing what it’ll take to make the journey.
We’ve clearly outlined the journey so you can be confident in our direction and well informed through the process.

1 :: Information Gathering

Who, what, where, when, how, and why? Descriptive words, colors, and logos?

2 :: Proposal

We will simultaneously design, render, CAD, and quote your event within 48 hours.

3 :: Production

Pull & prep rental products, fabricate custom pieces, graphic proofs and production, etc.

4 :: Shipping

Pack, QC, finalize shipping information, and status communicated until delivered.

5 :: Show

Install, troubleshoot, strike. Instructional emails & 24/7 emergency phone support.

6 :: Return

Easy repacking & quick load out times. Logistics guidelines provided and QC done upon return.

Featured Sets

Key descriptive words: Square, boxy, futuristic, sleek, and modern


Show off your images in style with this stunning image gallery. You can even add beautiful animation effects!
It's so easy to use. Just the select the image you want, choose a layout and you're done.

36 Years of Experience

There's no replacement for experience.
We have been the experts in stage set and environmental design for over 36 years!

We are proud to bring this wealth of experience to your show.



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